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Outsource back office support to regain the time, money, and sanity you’re losing every day on administrative work.

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And you thought your business couldn’t run without you

Businessperson looking at stack of graphsYou have a small team. Or you are your entire team. Either way, running lean operations is the new normal for most businesses today. But the more responsibilities you take on, the more it can cost you: precious hours, wasted dollars, and a personal life that becomes more of a concept than reality.

Whether “it” is process improvement, document preparation, or web research, LaFew & Associates offers the administrative expertise you need to keep your business moving forward—not just as usual— but better than the way you were working before. Our virtual back office support services will rescue you from the time-stealing administrative tasks that weigh you down, increasing your bandwidth for more critical priorities—whether that’s leaping tall buildings in a single bound or generating revenue.

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Virtual services to put administrative work on auto-pilot

LaFew & Associates offers a range of services to cover all of your administrative needs. Whatever operational task is standing in your way, we’ll remove and replace it with enhanced productivity.

Document Preparation

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), certifications, reports, proposals, and beyond—if it involves creating, compiling, and producing documentation that supports your business goals, then we’re all over it

Process Improvement, Automation, and Optimization

Streamline cumbersome manual document management processes into more efficient, automated electronic workflows


Keep better tabs of your budget and let us manage your accounts payable and receivable to ensure you avoid costly financial errors

Web Research

Find out everything you need to know about your competitors, industry trends, or any topic of interest to your business without spending hours of your own time on online research

Appointment Scheduling

No more missed appointments, double booking, or relying solely on a smartphone to tell you what’s on your schedule for today once we start managing your schedule

Data Gathering, Compilation, and Presentation

Let us gather and compile data into a presentation that aids analysis, supports decision-making, and gives you confidence when sharing insights with your stakeholders

Taking care of business has never been easier

Here are three ways that LaFew & Associates makes reaching your goals easier than ever:

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Talent Without Borders

Whether you need a bookkeeper, scheduler, or something more or in between, we’ll match you to a virtual partner that has the right administrative skillsets and experience for your needs


Support for Every Situation

Gain interim support to supplement a single area of your internal operations or outsource all functions to us for an end-to-end, more long-term administrative solution

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Reduce Costs

Choose our virtual back office support services over a traditional in-house staffing model to save money on overhead costs like benefits, salary, and office space