LaFew & Associates is a business solutions firm that provides project management services to the Healthcare, Medical Cannabis, Education and Information Technology (IT) industries throughout the United States.

Call us Project Managers, Problem Solvers, or simply your Accountability Partners – we are your virtual team behind your business to help meet your operational goals.

Project Management

Let us improve your processes and help achieve your goals

Imagine what you could accomplish in your business—and life—if you didn’t have to worry about:

  • Automating manual processes

  • Scheduling conflicts

  • Over budget

  • Missed deadlines

  • Too many emails

  • Piles of paperwork

Business Solutions

How we can shorten your to-do list

Project Management process

Project Management

We use the latest collaboration tools and best practices to manage your projects

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Business solutions in the United States

Business Solutions

Let us automate manual processes and create and update standard operating procedures

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Events Management in the United States

Event Management

Experience a hassle-free event process with efficient coordination

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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

1. Click “Let's Partner”

Our Founder will schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals.  Together, we will analyze the type of support need and how LaFew & Associates can help achieve your goals.


Let’s Partner

2. Meet your Qualfied Virtual Project Manager

We will match you with a qualified virtual project manager.  Our new orientation process ensures the partnership is off to a great start.


3. Work with your new Virtual Project Manager

Experience the freedom that comes when you can confidently delegate operational tasks to an attentive virtual project manager whose sole purpose is making sure you succeed.

Can a virtual project manager really help your business become more profitable and efficient?

Download our free ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO WORKING WITH A VIRTUAL PROJECT MANAGER and find out more about:

  • Signs You Need a Virtual Project Manager

  • Questions To Ask Yourself

  • What is a Virtual Project Manager?

  • What Can A Virtual Project Manager Do For Me?

  • Benefits of Working with a Virtual Project Manager


LaTia Few, MBA, is one of the most organized people I’ve ever met. It has been a sheer pleasure working with her!

R Bliss Mishler, MS, PT Medical Writer / Editor / Content Manager