That project you’ve been trying to finish? It won’t get done by just thinking about it.

Hire a virtual project manager to transform your goals, budgets, and deadlines into an actionable plan that moves projects from conception to completion.

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What can a virtual project manager do for you?

Hint: Get projects out of your head, off of your to-do list, and into action (finally!)

About that project on your backlog—you know, the one that has dragged on for weeks, months, years, or has yet to even start? It might be launching your new website, implementing workflow automation, or testing out a new product. Whatever project(s) you’ve been thinking about completing, but somehow still haven’t found the time, resources, or plan to accomplish by yourself, the virtual project managers at LaFew & Associates are here to help.

LaFew & Associates provides experienced virtual project managers to oversee the complete life cycle of your projects, so you can focus on the overall outcomes of your initiatives instead of obsessing over task-level details. No matter how big or small your project may be, your virtual project manager will guarantee that every task is completed and verify all deliverables meet your quality standards. They will also bring best practices and proven tools to help you sidestep the costly issues and risks that make managing projects on your own so challenging and time consuming.

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Our project management and coordination services

Let LaFew & Associates handle all stages of your project management process. From gathering your initial concept and requirements to designing a plan, and executing it within the optimal timeframe and budget, we’ll deliver the project management expertise to achieve—and exceed—your goals.

You can get the virtual support you need for a single project or multiple ones through our customizable range of service offerings.

Project Planning

Translate your vision and goals into a clear project scope defined by strategic objectives, delineated tasks, and proper resource allocation

Timeline Management

Prevent missed deadlines and milestones by creating a realistic project schedule, prioritizing action items in real time, and tracking progress via the latest project management software

Team Collaboration

Delegate team assignments effectively and promote efficient consensus building and decision making through regular check-ins and access to our online collaboration tools

Budget Creation and Resource Management

Create an accurate project budget and keep a close eye on your expenses and resource utilization to make certain your project does not exceed your targeted investment

Third-Party Vendor Coordination

Find and coordinate the best vendors for your project, while centralizing oversight of their performance and payment

Keep calm and let your virtual project manager carry on

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the projects on your plate, it’s time to work with us.  A LaFew & Associates virtual project manager will remove the burden of managing projects on your own, offering you leadership to keep your initiatives running smoothly so you can avoid major pitfalls like:

  • Scope creep

  • Communication breakdowns

  • Misaligned goals, expectations, and outcomes

  • Schedule delays

  • Overspending

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Why choose our team?


Entrust your projects to a highly qualified, meticulous professional that won’t need your supervision to deliver results

for Every Project

Choose the appropriate level of support for your project, regardless of scope or complexity

A One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All Approach

Our project management approach is customized to address your unique challenges and fit your environment and culture

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